Standby Generator is a Necessity

The standby generator is now a necessity as power failures have become more common. Due to the heat waves, many people use air conditioning which puts a load on the power lines. Due to the load, the grid power may fail. In other instances, the downed trees make for power failures. The devastating storms bring life to a standstill and those staying indoors remain a captive till the storm passes away.

When Hurricane Sandy struck it was considered the perfect storm. People had to make quick decisions to leave or to ride out the storm.  According to a Sandy survivor, the storm started off very quiet while she and her family felt well prepared. They had bought ample water and supplies as people normally do before any storm. They had candles out, flashlights at hand and had bought ample gas for their generator. Their home is a simple Cape Cod home which is situated between the ocean and the bay. Their house has survived the 1962 storm without any damage.  In 1992, they got 6″ of water in their house when all the planets aligned causing 3 days of flooding.

This family expected just a few inches of water in their home with Sandy. On October 28th, 2012 they realized by midday that they were in trouble. The first high tide came around 3:00 p.m. and water started sneaking into their house. Before the second-high tide, they moved all their precious belongings to the higher floor.  They put their pets on the second floor, so they would not drown. They then locked the house and had to use a canoe to go to their neighbor’s house. The flooding was fast and left no time for anyone to prepare. The neighbor’s house was at an elevation and when the storm winds amplified their house began to shake and they presumed that the water level may be even higher than they expected. The neighbor’s garage became flooded and they had to remove their tools and supplies to put them up.

Outside a 21’ boat was turning around the corner of the street hitting the side of a house. It then turned towards the bay. People were getting around on boats. It was a bad time to be out when the storm’s eye is right on top of you.

The standby generator at the neighbor’s house was already powering up the essentials.  Everyone started to relax and fell asleep. Soon due to the high winds the house shook and swayed at winds of 60 miles an hour with some gusts up to 80. No one could sleep till the storm’s worst part was over. There was news of possible tornadoes on the mainland where some of the family was at.  An exchange of text messages confirmed they were okay. Next morning all thanked God that they were still alive.

This family that came on the canoe returned back to their home and found their cats alive. The roof was still intact but there was water on the ground floor. Everything that was soaked like the carpet and furniture had to be removed so mold could not build up. To make the living room a bit dry, the fireplace was lit.

The standby generator kept the frozen food in the fridge safe. When the utility company shut off the power they had no losses. The frozen food lasted 5 people for days to come. Things like water, bread, milk and gas for the generator were brought in by the first responders. These survivors did not leave the island and wanted to stay behind.  After some days they started the process to get aid and grants to fix their property. They put all their possessions in the front yard, so the insurance company could come and have a look at it in order to give them the claim money for their damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.

The cleaning process of the house started soon, as there was no other place to live in. There was confusion about repairs and people were told if they would repair their property the insurance company may not pay them at all. The bacteria-laden water was all cleaned out with bleach and the house smelled fresh once again.

The standby generator kept the freezer running and all the frozen food was ample enough to feed five people for several days until the first responders came. The family had cell phones to keep in contact with their relatives that also lived in the nearby areas. The standby generator helped them survive a major storm.

If you live in an area that gets the storms and hurricanes, a standby generator is an essential necessity for your home. Investing in the new models will allow you to monitor the unit from a remote site. When you buy a portable unit, you can use it for camping and tailgating as well. The portable models can also be used for an RV or a boat. The batteries of boats and RVs cannot take a heavy load. If you want to use air conditioning and watch TV or use hot water, you will need a generator.

The new inverter generators weigh a lot less and are very fuel efficient. They generate a lot of wattage for their size and are compact. Hence, they take very little storage space.   The choice of the standby generator depends on you. If you do not like the noise and can afford an expensive unit get the propane gas generator. The diesel ones make a lot of noise and are good for those on a budget. For an unlimited supply of gas homeowners now prefer the natural gas standby generator as it can be hooked up with the kitchen gas line. During the storms, it will power up the appliances, the security alarm system, and surveillance cameras for hours at no end. Browsing online for a good unit is more feasible as you can choose from a large variety of makes and models. Smart shoppers like the rebates, free shipping, and other discounts.

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