How to prevent flea bites on humans

Fleas is the danger of all people who own pets such as cats, dogs or bird. They transmit diseases such as hemorrhagic diarrhoea and rabies. More seriously, they hide in thick fur or the bed sheet of your home. So, how to get rid of flea bites on humans?


Unusual danger from fleas


Scientists have found more than 200 different species of insects, but only about a dozen are more common and familiar to humans including fleas. Despite the small size and not too crowded as flies, ants and termites, fleas are really a serious threat to human. The reason is that they suck the blood of the host to live then bite people. This process inadvertently spreads dangerous germs and bacteria. Even with no germs, fleas also bring a lot of trouble. Their burning sensation is itchy, swollen and sometimes leaves the dark scars on the skin. For that reason, it is significant to know more about getting rid of flea and flea bite prevention.


Some tips to prevent flea bite on humans


Use flea treatment for your pets


Fleas mostly live on your pets’ fur, so the first thing to prevent fleas is to use flea treatment for your pets. You should see your veterinarian for flea control product. The medications can be over-the-counter or prescription. You can use the skin medicines which are directly applied to pet’s back. The drug will be absorbed through the skin of pets and infused into the blood. The drug paralyzes and kills fleas when they suck blood. Ingredients in these products may vary, including fipronil, imidacloprid, metaflumizone, permethrin, pyriproxyfen, selamectin, and spinosad. NEVER use permethrins for cats. You can also consider oral medications which are taken once a month. Some drugs only work to prevent eggs from growing into adult fleas, so you will have to use another product to kill adult fleas. There are also some fast-acting products that will kill fleas only for 24 hours.


Clean your house


Using a vacuum cleaner every day is an important thing to get rid of fleas. Fleas lay eggs and they may hatch after you have treated the pet, so you need to eliminate eggs and larvae that fall on the floor or furniture. Remember to clean your vacuum cleaner carefully as well as throw away the trash bag in the vacuum cleaner in order to avoid fleas coming back to your house.


Use insecticides with growth inhibitors


This drug controls the fleas and eggs’ growth. Find products to kill fleas/eggs for up to 7 months. When using it, you have to follow the instructions strictly. Remove all pets from the area where pesticides are being treated and be sure to cover the aquarium because some chemical flea killer may harm your cats, dogs or fishes. So, it’s better to prevent your pets from contacting these products.


Wash the bed sheet and mattress in hot water


Remove all fabrics on the sofa, armchair and bed then wash with hot water. This step will kill the fleas and their eggs naturally. This method is environment friendly and do not harm your pets as well.


Spray the lemon juice


Fleas do not like the lemons and will avoid those smells. You can get rid of fleas at least for a short time by spraying lemonade around your home and on your pet. Prepare a lemon juice solution by slicing 6 lemons and boiling with water. Soak lemons in water overnight then pour lemon juice into a clean sprayer, spray on fabric and furniture around the house. You can also spray lemon juice on your pet. Pre-try on the hard-to-see portion of the items to make sure lemonade does not fade or damage the surface of the material.


Use diffusers and essential oil to ward off fleas


Place some diffusers around the house and choose essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, cedarwood, lemon, and spicy mint. You can also use lotions containing these essentials oils. Apply lotion to the skin to prevent fleas.


Have you ever tried those tips and found how it works? Tell us if you have other solutions to treat fleas and prevent them on humans.

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